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for reference, it's about twice the speed of my wifi 6 connection

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got super super sick this morning but i think im okay now

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the only good stomach bug is a dead stomach bug

trying to come to terms with the new roommate (giant garage spider)

support tech seems to be struggling with it too, bless

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interesting quirk, the remote support client forced my keyboard layout to qwerty instead of dvorak, even when i changed it back in settings

back to hunting and pecking

looking at the logs i'm getting a ton of 404s on images and js

but i've tried to precompile the assets, and even copied them from a working install (this one) but still no luck

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welp i got mostly working, except there's no css and when i try to log in it just gives me a blank page :)

those of you who back up your data in the cloud: where do you back it up to? and are you happy with that solution?

My current electric wheelchair is worn out and actively dangerous, and so unreliable I don’t trust it to even work. I’ve started a gofundme to buy a new lightweight modern one. I’ll be grateful for any donations, or just a share if that’s what you can do.

continuing to diagnose my old computer that wont boot. psu tests fine but the board wont receive any power. at least i hope it's the board and not the cpu

Welp, looks like I'm part of a round of layoffs. If anyone out there's is hiring, or has leads, I'm on the market. I'm specifically looking for a remote, backend-focused senior position at a mission-driven company. My last ~10 years has been in fintech, but anything trying to make the world a better place is interesting to me.

Use of Lisp, Rust, or some other interesting language is a big plus.

Boosts appreciated! #fedihired

unfortunately not a lot of good resources for rolling this all out

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i've tried using ecs for stuff before but it would just spin up multiple instances and not retain any data :)

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