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Drew some anthro OS mascots! (Had to make up one for Windows.)
There's Xenia the linux fox,
Clarus the Macintosh Dogcow,
And Luna the Windows betta fish~
#linux #fox #art #furry #windows #xenia

Woo, I did my first cell tower game without hints 



Slack has too many things to accidentally click on...

arch linux kinda has to be your daily driver, if you only drive it every few weeks, something happens with the engine oil or something? something happens with pacman and the fuel injector gets clogged? and my god when that happens, you get that thing turning and it just rips itself apart, grinding noises, package conflicts, black smoke out the exhaust, and you gotta rebuild the whole thing. because you made a big mistake buddy. you gotta boot it up once per week and run the updates buddy

I wish that I hadn't pissed off the mountainhomes by trying to trade them garbage, I could use a few migrants.......

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after defeating the invading goblins and their beakdog forces, the children of my fortress (roughly 75% of the population) have decided to "play make believe" on the bloody battlefield

unfortunately not a lot of good resources for rolling this all out

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i've tried using ecs for stuff before but it would just spin up multiple instances and not retain any data :)

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i'd like to migrate my mastodon instance from a docker package on digital ocean onto AWS's ECR/ECS but i cant seem to get it working. ideally the end state will use EFS for storage?

It SHOULD be possible but it's sure bigbrain

anyone use a MoCA device? my wifi isnt bad but it's still wifi

medical bill begpost, please boost 

i have an $850 medical bill after having lost my health insurance along with my job due to abuse and discrimination at work and being forced into resignation. if you can help, my family would really deeply appreciate it - thank you!!


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