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ordered a power supply tester so i can at least rule one part out

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old computer must have had a short or something, i can't seem to get it to boot...

no matter what i do, i can't seem to shake loose the air bubble that seems to be trapped in my watercooler. it's very loud :/

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4am is a perfect hour to be futzing around with computres

eyeing this 14tb nas drive that's on sale........

well, now i just need to figure out what to put on my homelab

one of my watercooling pumps is making a really Fun clicking sound like an old harddrive....

Just a couple of years after a bunch of arbitrary code execution exploits were discovered in original DOOM someone finally figured out how to run DOOM *in* DOOM. 😄

started reading Children of Time and i'm super hooked, wowza

Work is forcing return to office with less than two weeks notice. I cannot get covid. Anyone know if any companies that are hiring remote workers?

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