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I found a book that mentions that DVORAK users stopped using keysmashes after swapping because they aren't "socially legible" which is fascinating.

i'm constantly thinking about the way What.CD displayed similar artists

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putting "jerma enjoyer" in my dating profile so people know what they're in for

Supreme Court, abortion, swears 

... there's shit that would absolutely outrage everybody who isn't an extremist. Like there's an AMAZING video of a female state legislator explaining that thirteen-year-old "women" (what the FUCK right there) who are rape/incest victims have an "opportunity" to shape a human life and you SHRIVELED OLD HAG do you not know what a thirteen-year-old CHILD is?

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everything works until the A/AAAA record routing, then something gets fumbled

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but i cant set an alias to a cloudfront distribution

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this toot includes performance, stability, and security improvements.

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Everything is connected.