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halfway migrated from my original glitch-soc mastodon to a new server! But now I'm getting http 500 errors and unable to see any toots, oops.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa test please fav

oops trying to switch my mastodon. Might lose contact

How/where do you host your mastodon images? S3?

trying to be brave and forcing myself to talk to people

Not a lot of fully-developed work from the past year, since I spent a lot of it on pre-production stuff for a game idea.

Contact: meagantrott(at)gmail

#artvsartist2020 #artvsartist


Would be cool to figure out hlsl stuff for my awful streams..

A million bottoms keysmashing in an attempt to crack encryption

people who don't work with computers call it "I.T." but people who do, call it "computers stuff i guess"

@fillertrack *Duke Nukem voice* Those alien bastards are gonna pay for my nudes online

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Everything is connected.