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Today's six word tragedy: "Chuck E. Cheese, carry out only."

pick me up and bring me to seattle ok thanks

US pol, dem primaries, same-day voter registration! 

hey I really need to do something different with fedi but I dont want to lose all my friends by making another account or whatever... :c

I just saw the intro to Pen Pen TriIcelon and I'm sharing my curse with you

im the giant rat that makes all of the rules

the Turn Undead spell is such bullshit you dont get to be a skeleton

I stole a chair from work but it's too tall now I have to steal a desk

if you overlay the mesh, normal, and base layers, you get a really neat composite that you can use to study cool stuff like how the artists built character and monster models, how architecture is constructed and layered from a basic form, and how stuff like a terrain or rock mesh is detailed from a primitive shape to a lumpy complex one

i'm a huge nerd and this is entirely my shit

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Everything is connected.