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Eleven and a half hours flight time, wish me luck

You have been randomly selected for additional screaming

Hello friends! If you're going to #BLFC2019, @shel, @tom, and I are hosting a mastodon + fediverse meetup Friday, May 17 1-2pm in the Ruby room. Come by to find your friends and make new ones + Get some free stickers!

my notifications like; “piss has followed you on mastodon” “random string of emojos has followed you on mastodon” “box of clouds has followed you on mastodon”

found some fun metal yesterday that sounds like if gackt did death growls and blastbeats

are you supposed to have a million AWS accounts if you're an admin

there's kids outside slack lining and I wanna play... lol

well, programmer, i compiled it, despite your directions

put together a tv cart and mounted a tv to it. Already sweaty :C

back to my sysadminctl script and I'm still having issues with secure tokens...

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Everything is connected.