is it time to start applying for other jobs? i'm coming up on 4 years in the same position

would suck for Current Company if i left because i'm really the only IT nerd covering the states and apac and latam :)

this is my first Job so i still dont know what i'm doing with negotiating and junk which that usernyame I imagine you shaking your butt abd strawberries flying everywhere

@sadie complex. i mostly like my position, even if helping computer illiterate boomers is 90% of the work, but the leadership is changing and they're trying to turn it into less of a startup.

@sadie lots and lots of growing pains and expectations that simply cant be met because of the low headcount :)

hopefully not too splainy 

@sara if it helps, if you aren't super-hurting for a position, it's 1000% worth it to be explicit about the things that are important to you, and not to put on a traditional business facade

that will filter out most of the Bad Places you don't want to end up at

it's good to be picky if you can! it's much better if places you interview impress you, rather than the other way around--since you'll probably end up spending a lot of time in the environment you end up choosing

i hope this helps a little! interviews really can play into some nasty power dynamics, so it's super-nifty if you can invert those to find a place you won't hate after a year..!

good luck~ ^^

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