I need a new watch to replace my pebble2

@sara yeah! What's wrong with your P2? I have had decent experience replacing the Buttons with flexible 3D prints

@noiob the display might be fried. It's not rendering anything correctly (mostly just a bunch of lines) but all the other functionality works...

@sara ah, that sounds like the display connector is broken

@noiob yeah. I dont really want to open up a watersealed item but...

@sara honestly I'm amazed your buttons still hold up, mine just crumbled to dust at some point

@noiob you may have had yours longer than me. I bought mine when it was discontinued

@sara mine was straight from the Kickstarter, yeah

@sara oof, or somehow moisture did get into it

@noiob yeah there's a small tear in the silicon buttons, so that's probably what happened. Oh well.

@sara I've been looking at the Lenovo Ego which is basically just a classic Casio-G-Shock-style watch but with some smart capabilities, but it's gotten consistently bad reviews and it's only available in India

@noiob I have yet to replace my buttons because I'm not sure what to put in the 3D printed mold for "flexible buttons." What did you use?

@sara I bought a amazfit bip to replace the Pebble 2. It's certainly no Pebble, but I liked that it worked with GadgetBridge and wasn't bloated like so many smart watches. Honestly, I'd rather just find a new Pebble or fix my Pebble 2.

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