@sara Haven't used it but wanted to be sure that was what it was. 😁

@sara we used it at the place I used to work at. It was fine, it was super easy to setup our aws account to go thru it so that people on my team just used their corporate logins to access aws.

@sara We already used okra in house for lots of other things so I can’t speak to setting up things like logins for laptops / email etc but for the aws part it was as simple as adding a new okta app, giving it our aws keys and on the aws side setting up an IAM role that Would be assigned to the users coming from okta.

@debugninja Which method did you use? API or a bunch of single instances?

@sara I want to say API but this was like almost 5 years ago at the point so I am a bit hazy on what all we did.

@debugninja no worries, I just set up a single instance login and it was fairly painless. I just dont want to have to do that for each instance we manage :)

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