I'm looking for advice: How do you handle responding to your doctor when their claims are factually incorrect, and you know of studies that show this?

@amydentata "Hey I just wanted to bring to your attention this study which suggests <such and such> and it would benefit me <so and so>"

@sara I'm having a hard time not coming across as aggressive or pushy XD I have a tendency to react as though I'm being gaslit, because of my history, even if it's just an honest mistake


@amydentata yeah it's tricky to be self advocating but not pushy. Just treat it like a professional interaction and you Should at least get a professional discussion with your dr.

@sara Thanks. I hope it goes that way. In the past doctor's egos have gotten in the way of discussing the facts. Basically an attitude like "how dare you question my decades of schooling" or whatever -.- so aggravating

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