Closeup reveals some real globby paint. I'm thinking my paint heavily, so it shouldn't happen?? Tips?

at normal viewing height it's fine, but I want smoothsss....

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@sara yup, spraying from too far away, the paint has the time to coagulate while in the air. Try doing it from closer, and in shorter sprays. Also check if there's no dust where you're spraying, and don't leave the minis you've already sprayed behind the ones you're currently spraying

@wxcafe the black was brushed on, but you're probably right with the spray technique.

I kept my other minis secured, dont worry :P

@sara ah, yeah, well ^^

good! first times I spray-painted I got LOTS of clumps on the minis I put in the back of the spray area and I couldn't figure out why at first, ugh

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