hey hobby friends, when you're priming do you want a full coat or is a light dusting enough?

@sara uhhh no your full coat should not hide details. Are you applying it with the airbrush?

@wxcafe yeah. low end compressor and nozzle so I need to buy a pressure gauge, but I'm using airbrush primer at roughly the correct psi

@sara right, you shouldn’t get detail loss then... are you getting clumps? Or just a thick layer?

@sara you’re only doing short presses, right? Is your primer supposed to be diluted? Are you spraying from far enough from the mini?

@wxcafe If I do short bursts I get a problem with spattering. I feel like I shouldn't have to start outside the model and then come in.

The primer is supposed to be undiluted, straight from the bottle.

My technique is far from perfect (first try), but I thought I was in the sweet spot...

Check my next post

@sara yeah, getting that problem with spattering probably means you're a little too far, but you're not getting clumps which is good. If the problem is simply that you can still see the plastic under the paint, that should be okay, or you can wait a few seconds for it to start drying and do a second layer if you want to be complete :)

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