"sysadminctl -adminUser $ADMINUSER -adminPassword $ADMINPASS -secureTokenOn $ACCOUNT_NAME -password $PASSWORD" throws an error: ### Error:-14090 File:/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/ Line:373, and I'm not sure why!

my admin user HAS an enabled secure token, so chain of trust should work...

did you look up the errorno or string on apple's site or stackoverflow?
there may be some ldap lookup as well to verify the admin or user?

ldap or active directory or some other network validation appliance. i would have to guess your co uses something centralized to validate users (clients) + provide entitlements (privileges)

thought that was rule one in the capitalist manifesto: centralize control. everyone is doin it.
most companies are concerned about someone sneaking on their network, industrial espionage, employees making off with customer lists, all that fun stuff.
plus they want to revoke your access when you leave.

@VeintePesos Yeah, it's definitely a trend. We'll probably move to some ldap/ad junk once we grow more

bug in your script? do you need to quote those variables?

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