@sara ...Ah jeez. I mean... it conceivably could be On because it's pressed in like a switch, but "Off" is equally possible because it's highlighted... sure it's darker, but ... argh why are7 things designed this way this is BS.

@sara it's becoming a fashion. It's driving me up the wall.

@sara it's on - background if green and the white thing is a toggle and it is in the "on" position but it made me think

@charlag @sara it used to be that many black plastic electronic items, like radios and alarm clocks, had black sliding switches which were bright orange or red on the under side, so you could tell what the position of the switch was in relative darkness, based on what part of the mechanism was exposed.

@sara @charlag based on the design convention I mentioned, it would be on. But did the designers have that convention in mind? Who the fuck knows.

@teslas_moustache @sara frame is green. It means that it's what behind the toggle, basically frame is part of the background and white thingy is inside of it.

@sara I really hate this as well. I'm so often wondering the same thing.

Even Mastodon has the same wonderful 'feature'. 'Do you still want notifications from people you muted? <toggle icon that's way too ambiguous>'

I mean, I can interpret those things two ways:
- Either it's off because it shows 'off'
- Or it is 'on' because you can 'switch to off if you toggle now'.

I'm thinking too deep. :P

Admittedly your example is worse.

@sara it's in a super-position which will collapse when you click it and discover what it actually does 😂

@sara Schrodinger's Switch?

...that sounded less lewd in my head.

I think it is probably on. Light normally shines from the top to the bottom, so the little shade at the top of the on position means that the button is pressed in

@sara I'm guessing "off" as light type on dark is your standard "highlight" convention in most GUIs.

@sara They are telling you there are two states: on and off. That is valuable information. Why are you complaining?😜

@sara Buttons like this drive me absolutely batty. I see them more and more and more these days, too. So frustrating!

@sara oh omg! that's phineas from phineas and ferb! one of the show's many many catchphrases phineas saying "yes. yes i am."

they even did a musical number abt it lmao youtube.com/watch?v=u9gOyll50Q

@sara it’s a quantum button, it’s neither until measured

@sara also the white seems to be the foreground. I agree it should be on.

@sara The very slight shading makes me think that the "on" part is recessed, so it should be off; but it's also green, so it may be on; but that colour is on "off" making it seem like an indicator, so maybe it's off.
Yes, it's a wonderful design -_-

Where's it from?

@sara I think it is off. There's a slight inward shadow on the "on" side" - so it'd leave me to believe that the "off" side is higher elevated - therefore active.

@unfa @sara But if it's not a slider switch, but push buttons where you press one and the other pops out, then this inward shadow indicates that the ON button is pushed in 😜

Horrible design...

@sara I was going to reply with why i think it's on but that it's still awful design, but while typing that I think I convinced myself that it's off?

god that sucks

The white half has some slight inner shading, making it look like its pushed in, but green seems like the obvious highlight color. How vexing!

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