@sara tootstream is great; I’ve been using it for a while now. Thanks for making it!

@sara toot from tootstream!

what a hero you are! this is so kool!

love the guided setup and helpful UI.
it even opens up my $EDITOR for composing toots.
now I will have to create a toot-plugin for it ;)

so much fun!

@Canageek not exactly. You can run multiple copies though (in different venvs) I think?

@sara @Canageek You can run two copies using the same venv.

Just give it a -P (profile) and it'll use that profile instead.

Initial setup is:

tootstream -i (hostname) -P (profile)

Then just use -P (profile) and you'll be logged in with that profile.


@sara this is awesome, thank you! and apologies if I do something daft and submit a PR for viewing media via hacky terminal extensions like iterm2.com/documentation-image

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