I ran through win32.DarkTequila earlier and a cow told me to have a nice day

boost if you think the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right :blobcat:

I dont know if I should take advice from the Moon....


"Terminal Redux" is their first concept album, telling the story of a test subject and his rise to power within the all-controlling Cygnus Regime. His ultimate goal is to restore balance within the galaxy by controlling the ebb and flow of life and death. After regaining his position as a top-ranking General, he incites a coup within Cygnus and takes command of their forces. However, as time passes, it becomes clear to him that power is just an illusion.

anyone someone talk to me about the expanse before I explode

Well, I finished all 8 (main) books of The Expanse....

Wondering how much the show will do

re: piracy 

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