I want to:
* switch to a better fedi service
* set up a nextcloud service
* use joplin for journaling
* use syncthing to sync
* not think too much

who wants to help, I have tomorrow Off.

Everyone keeps telling me to come to Seattle

There's a Tony Hawk game on phones and it sucks because it's a phone game trying to be Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Here's my pitch for a Tony Hawk phone game: you point your camera up at power lines from the back seat of mom's car on the way to get groceries and Tony skates the power lines.


I learned that nuclear reactors are much less exciting than I thought they were. There's no crystals that plug directly into the power grid or anything, just a bunch of boring steam...

Truly disappointing

I ran through win32.DarkTequila earlier and a cow told me to have a nice day

boost if you think the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right :blobcat:

I dont know if I should take advice from the Moon....

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