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FACT: it is ok to be proud of the things you make.

Hanky code but for programming socks

No one talks about emo phillips anymore, what happened

hey nerds, Revision is the 19th-22nd and you should watch

Spoiler alert, it was something in trust relationships

the test bucket is temporarily public and I still cant PUT to it

more aws questions: I can connect to this aws sftp transfer thing (linked to an S3 bucket) but I cant do anything. What permissions am I neglecting

Legacy Google+ APIs have been shut down as of March 7, 2019

"Thank you for keeping us updated as well, to clarify we plan on using our new API to resolve the issue, the engineering team confirmed we plan on releasing the fix in the May release."

holy shit one of my vendors is still using the google+ api to verify user accounts and wasn't aware of the problem with this until we brought it up!!!!!!!

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