Somehow my sweatshirt got more damp coming straight from the dryer and I don't know what in life is real anymore

what the fuck even is mortal kombat

skipping out on gdc this year but from all I've heard, I'm only missing hanging out with friends

fuck, dwarf fortress just crashed, I guess I won

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programming is a murder mystery where you are the murderer but also the victim and also the detective and also the second cop who makes a face and says "bad luck, that. What are we thinking? Robbery gone wrong?"

apparently I'm going to sweden for a work thing

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idk the story behind what's going on but whatever. I was kinda over it anyway

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my vim is Incredibly Basic, and emacs is non-existant. Nano is simple enough though but I'd rather not use it if I have a choice.

really need to get better at terminal text editors

meeting after meeting after meeting @.@

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