someone talk to me about corporate wifi security

the Expanse book is really good so far and I want to watch the TV show but I don't want to ruin it

the No More Heroes soundtrack is still really good

I still dont fully understand spritemasks and blitting

date idea: watching saltybet for hours

Alien vs Predator vs Transformers

number 15 burger king foot lettuce

why didn't people like dragon ball gt

hi thanks for listening to my Ragnarok Online/Phastasy Star Online mixtape

the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack doesn't get enough love

the colors change like an oil slick

I made a terrarium at work event

My boss understands but I still don't want to give the wrong impression

there's a bit of anxiety that comes with doing tech support professionally. When nothing is wrong, there's nothing to do. I don't want to seem lazy.

last night we were fighting a gang in the sewers and I got jumped by a bunch of dudes and my roleplay partners brought my lifeless corpse all the way back to town and contracted a healer to revive me. Bless.

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