dont fuck with me unless you've played chameleon twist

This Squirrel Is Your Friend: She Fights For Freedom

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deviant art foot fetish???? Show more

deviant art foot fetish???? Show more

pretend it was really funny (it was)

whoops I mean float, I ruined my own joke

1x is too small
2x is too big

fuckin' Goldilocks here

I wish dpi scaling could be set at integer values......................

Falling Apartments is still my favorite Shin Chan dub gag

hobbies: gem collecting platformers

I cant believe they could tell if people were Replicants just by administering the Myers-Briggs test

cliffy b's fursona is jazz jackrabbit

any of you infosec nerds play around with honeypots? I wanna jump in to learning how attacks play out

joel has been "covering" the ghostbusters song for about 40 minutes and I am dissociating so hard because of it

raawwk! rawwk!
give me... soft!
give me... warm!

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